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Future Queens

Introducing to you the newest members of our family.

Dch. Tufts'N Ruff Elektra
dam: Tufts'N Ruff Kiki
sire: Tufts'N Ruff Milo
d.o.b. 12-21-21


Elektra is a beautiful brown tabby girl, large with amazing type and boning.  She lives with our dear friend Ashley and her family. She attended her first cat show and did amazing.  We look forward to her going to another show and becoming a Champion and then to have lovely babies.

Elektra is negative for HCM, SMA and PKDef. 

Echocardiogram 1/21/23 Negative

Wild Pride Elsa 2  of Tufts'N Ruff
dam: Wild Pride Silver Fizz
sire: Wild Pride Blue Diablo
d.o.b. October 27, 2021


Elsa is a beautiful silver girl with a lovely personality to match her looks.  She has beautiful eyes and long flowing coat and the old time Maine Coon look. She will add new colors to our breeding program.  Again, thank you Cammy for such a beautiful and sweet girl.

Elsa is negative for HCM and SMA

Echocardiogram 1-21-23 Negative

Makanacoon Pandora of
Tufts'N Ruff

dam: R P Cathouse Panokea of Makanacoon
sire: Makanacoon's Kuu Makoa
d.o.b. August 11, 2022

Brown Patched tabby with white

Pandora, her name says it all.  She is so much fun, we have no idea what she will do next.  She has a beautiful head, nice set ears, nice long body and tail. And to finish her off a sweet, loving personality with a purr to match.  Thank you so much Pat for this lovely girl.  We are so excited to have her in our home and we are waiting to see what beautiful kittens she will give us when she gets older.

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