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We met our first Maine Coon Cat in 1996 and it was love at first sight.  Luckily,
when we contact Beth Bishop of Mainevalley, she allowed us the privilege of
having  Mainevalley Madison of Tuft'sN Ruff share our home. That started our
journey into what has become a special part of our lives.

We spent the next 13 years partnering with Beth Bishop,  sharing the lovely
Maine Coons and the responsibilities that come from letting these special babies
in our lives.  Due to circumstances, Beth has decided to retire for awhile and I
will go ahead with our mission of giving others the pleasure of having a Maine
Coon share their lives.  We wish Beth the best and hope that she will be active in
our breeding program again soon.

We raise all our kittens underfoot (and under the covers).  They are members of
our family.  Maine Coon cats and kittens are social, loving cats and thrive on
interaction with their humans.  We don't believe in cages or other types of
isolation.  The breeding males have their own bedroom, right next to ours, the
neuters and girls have the run of our home.

Our goal is to breed the best example of the Maine Coon Cat.  That means our
kittens will express characteristics, physical features and the personality of the
breed.  They are generally very large with substantial boning and beautifully
patterned.  They have well furnished ears with lynx tips and tufts and long fluffy
tails.  We specialize in a variety of colors, browns, red, silver, blue all with or
without white.

The health of well being of all our cats is very important to us. We have DNA
tested our cats for the gene that may cause HCM.  All the cats in our breeding
program are negative.  

Our Maine Coon cats and kittens are ACFA and/or CFA and /or TICA  registered
and we  show in ACFA altough due to family circumstances we cannot show
right now.  We have several Regional Winners from ACFA in our breeding

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